Bungee jumping is the crowd puller at events of all kinds

This event is 100% spirit of the age. Since the early 90’s active participants and spectators are delighted by this attraction all in the same way: exceedingly and for hours and hours. Bungee-Jumping allows the jumper to make an unique experience, to live moments of undescribable happiness-and- it’s an calculated risk because the jumper is safely attached to the bungy cord. The whole System with its Over-Extension-Protection is tested and certified by German TÜV (Technical Control Board), additionally there is liability insurance for the whole system, so most pretentious security standards are provided. For more than 12 years we’ve been offering safe and reliable Bungee-Jumping. That is why we can guarantee to make sure things run smoothly and to help to make your event a success.We also organize professional show and/or client jumps from bridges, balloons, cable-cars, helicopters…

Are you interested in renting bungee jumping?

Welcome to Euroviva's world of experience. Since 1992 we offer „fun-tastic" goodies for all kinds of events and we constantly extend our range of products and services according to our customers' needs and demands.


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