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Ninja Parcours: the skill test with fun factor

In our new inflatable course, which consists of two separate parts, children of different ages can become ninja masters.

Wrecking ball: great fun for all „crane operators“

Really knock down the opponent with the wrecking ball. And without any worries, because a soft fall is guaranteed. Fun and games are in the foreground, while the risk of injury is minimized

Wall-Run: faster than gravity

Running up walls is impossible? Not with the inflatable Wall Run! On three different steep walls, big and small can try to compete against gravity.

Bouncing Castle, the classic

The kids can let off steam while they are protected from the weather -whether hot sun or wet rain- by the roof.

Bungee Run: the challenge

A classic in the event market and a warrantor for fun and entertainment for participants and spectators alike! Two participants are facing the challenge of chasing down an air-filled tube fighting against the pull of a bungee cord which eventually will snatch them back spectacularly. Who makes it farther down the lane? Who delivers the most spectacular show? In any case fun is guaranteed.

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