goal wall shootout: simply the classic

Goal wall shooting is the classic among the football packages and can be integrated with very little effort in almost every event. Only thing you’ll need is an available area of approx. 3 x 6 meters and off it goes! If necessary our safety net makes sure that no damage is done by somewhat less well aimed shots.

streetsoccer: your own little football arena

The mobile street soccer court allows you to bring your own little football arena to your event. The court offers entertainment for participants and spectators alike. Play your own tournament with defined teams or just provide the court for everybody who feels like running and kicking balls.

The street soccer court has two goals (approx. 180 x 120 cm) and surrounding boards. An additional safety net makes sure that the balls stay where they are supposed to stay – on the pitch. With its 8 x 12 meters it is suitable for teams with 3 – 5 players.



human table soccer: football for everybody

Human table soccer is the football package with the widest range of potential participants. Virtually everybody who is able to stand and hold on to a pole is able to participate. No experience or special constitution is required but heaps of fun is guaranteed.

Human table soccer is the ideal package for staff parties that aim to build or strengthen acquaintances and team spirit across department boundaries.


xxl table soccer: football frenzy in practical small format

Up to 8 persons can roll the balls at this giant table soccer. Fun and action are guaranteed and the so much wanted team spirit rises inevitably among the team members. No need for organization, teams will find together casually and people will build up acquaintances over a few relaxing table soccer matches.

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